Gossip Through Gossip

{April 3, 2008}   The one where celebrities change they way they look


In 2008, it is amazing that we have the kind of technology that can completely change a picture with a simple click of the mouse. Celebrities love this technology because they can now change anything they want on a picture that is going to be shown to the public so that they are happy with the final product. What is this telling little girls; that if you have something you don’t like about yourself, you should hide or fix it? It seems as though that it doesn’t matter that everyone is beautiful in their own way, all that matters is that you look good in the public’s eye.

Most recently, it was discovered that OK! Magazine’s April issue, that pictures Britney Spears with the Headline “Britney lost 15 lbs. in just 4 weeks”, was falsified. They were stating that Britney looked the same way she was pictured, due to her diet, the problem is that the picture was taken in 2003, five years before her “amazing” weight loss. The cut-and-paste technique used is not inspirational to the readers, it’s just telling them that if you have old pictures where you think you look better, you should use them instead of showing people the person you are today.

Society is not stupid; it has become evident that celebrities use Photoshop in order to create an image and maintain it. That’s fine if it is for your personal collection, but when you have young fans in an age where anorexia and plastic surgery is at an all time high, then you should show yourself in the truest form without any digital upgrades.


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