Gossip Through Gossip

{April 1, 2008}   The one with all the reality copycats


Ever notice when a reality show becomes popular in the United States, that the exact same show is produced in a different country? This just signifies that what the United States does through its media, doesn’t only effects their country, but if its popular enough, then other countries pick it up and try to have that same response.

The most recent reality show that is being picked up by another country is The Hills. Britain is holding auditions in order to find a cast and hoping to have all the drama and all the reviews that the American Hills received.

This is not the first time that we see this; Amercian Idol is the perfect example. The Idol craze has lead Canada, Malaysia, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, the Philippines and the United Arab Emirates to include this reality show into their programing agenda. Even American Idol was a spin-off from the series that started in the U.K. From this talent show, came a franchise that has sparked the ideas from many countries and it does not seem like it is going away anytime soon.

Another reality show that has received attention from other countries is Big Borther. Here’s a reality show that brings complete starngers together in order to live in a house and vote each other off so that they can win money in the end. The American version is now on its ninth season and seeing that it has been so widely liked and caused so much controversy, countries like the U.K., Sweden, Poland, Australia, Africa, and Pinoy have created their own Big Brother for some enjoyment.

This is a not coincidence, the fact that countries are copying each other’s reality shows, proves that if something is popular in one country, then other countries are going to be following the trend and hoping for the same response. Popularity can be translated in many languages, but they all mean the same thing; money coming in the bank.


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