Gossip Through Gossip

{April 1, 2008}   The one where Paris Hilton is overexposed?


Everywhere you look, every magazine you read, and every goosip coloum that you look at; Paris Hilton will be somewhere posing for the cameras. The question is, does Paris Hilton look for this media attention or does the media find her in order to get their stories? Yes, she does create scenes and has made a trademark of herself, but without her, the media wouldn’t get half the gossip that they get now.

Forbes has recently declared Paris Hilton as the most everexposed celebrity. She won 70% of the votes, proving that her reality shows, perfumes, handbags, and guest appearances have definitely not gone unnoticed.

Celebrities included in the lists are:

1. Britney Spears
2. Lindsay Lohan
3. Nicole Richie

Even though Hilton has all these things going on in her life that is media worthy, the fact that the public loves seeing her in the press, makes the paparazzi chase her as much as they do.

If the public hated her, didn’t read the articles written about her and didn’t show up by the thousands at shows that she was to guest appear on, then they would continue on to the next big star.

If a celebrity is hot in the public’s eye, then they are hot in the media’s eye as well. If they can get so many stories just from one star, then they will milk that star for as much as they are worth.


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