Gossip Through Gossip


In 2008, it is amazing that we have the kind of technology that can completely change a picture with a simple click of the mouse. Celebrities love this technology because they can now change anything they want on a picture that is going to be shown to the public so that they are happy with the final product. What is this telling little girls; that if you have something you don’t like about yourself, you should hide or fix it? It seems as though that it doesn’t matter that everyone is beautiful in their own way, all that matters is that you look good in the public’s eye.

Most recently, it was discovered that OK! Magazine’s April issue, that pictures Britney Spears with the Headline “Britney lost 15 lbs. in just 4 weeks”, was falsified. They were stating that Britney looked the same way she was pictured, due to her diet, the problem is that the picture was taken in 2003, five years before her “amazing” weight loss. The cut-and-paste technique used is not inspirational to the readers, it’s just telling them that if you have old pictures where you think you look better, you should use them instead of showing people the person you are today.

Society is not stupid; it has become evident that celebrities use Photoshop in order to create an image and maintain it. That’s fine if it is for your personal collection, but when you have young fans in an age where anorexia and plastic surgery is at an all time high, then you should show yourself in the truest form without any digital upgrades.



We have all heard of and seen celebrities getting special treatment because of their status in Hollywood, but what we are seeing more of now are celebrities getting arrested (like they should) for drinking and driving. Celebrities think that they can get away with a lot more than the general public because that is what the past has proven, however by celebrities getting arrested, even if it is for a short amount of time, it is proving that if they drink and drive, they’ll have consequences just like everyone else.

The most recent celebrity that was caught drinking and driving was Chad Kroeger from Nickelback. He was .6% over the legal limit and was set a date to come into court but decided to skip it. Now he will be faced a sentence and most likely have to spend some time in jail.

Here’s a list of celebrities that also though that it was alright to drive while under the influence:

1. Paris Hilton
2. Nicole Richie
3. Barron Hilton
4. Mischa Barton
5. Mel Gibson

At least the police are not letting them pass because of the fact that they are celebrities and that an incident like this might scar their reputation. The only problem is that their punishment is so minimal.

If celebrities commit any crime then they receive the exact same punishments as any other citizen. Their name should not be a factor into how many days they do in jail, how much money they are willing to dish out for bail, and how much hassle the courts will get during the trial. Celebrities are human beings and human being make mistakes, but some mistakes have consequences, and this consequences should not be amended because of your social status.


Ever notice when a reality show becomes popular in the United States, that the exact same show is produced in a different country? This just signifies that what the United States does through its media, doesn’t only effects their country, but if its popular enough, then other countries pick it up and try to have that same response.

The most recent reality show that is being picked up by another country is The Hills. Britain is holding auditions in order to find a cast and hoping to have all the drama and all the reviews that the American Hills received.

This is not the first time that we see this; Amercian Idol is the perfect example. The Idol craze has lead Canada, Malaysia, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, the Philippines and the United Arab Emirates to include this reality show into their programing agenda. Even American Idol was a spin-off from the series that started in the U.K. From this talent show, came a franchise that has sparked the ideas from many countries and it does not seem like it is going away anytime soon.

Another reality show that has received attention from other countries is Big Borther. Here’s a reality show that brings complete starngers together in order to live in a house and vote each other off so that they can win money in the end. The American version is now on its ninth season and seeing that it has been so widely liked and caused so much controversy, countries like the U.K., Sweden, Poland, Australia, Africa, and Pinoy have created their own Big Brother for some enjoyment.

This is a not coincidence, the fact that countries are copying each other’s reality shows, proves that if something is popular in one country, then other countries are going to be following the trend and hoping for the same response. Popularity can be translated in many languages, but they all mean the same thing; money coming in the bank.


Everywhere you look, every magazine you read, and every goosip coloum that you look at; Paris Hilton will be somewhere posing for the cameras. The question is, does Paris Hilton look for this media attention or does the media find her in order to get their stories? Yes, she does create scenes and has made a trademark of herself, but without her, the media wouldn’t get half the gossip that they get now.

Forbes has recently declared Paris Hilton as the most everexposed celebrity. She won 70% of the votes, proving that her reality shows, perfumes, handbags, and guest appearances have definitely not gone unnoticed.

Celebrities included in the lists are:

1. Britney Spears
2. Lindsay Lohan
3. Nicole Richie

Even though Hilton has all these things going on in her life that is media worthy, the fact that the public loves seeing her in the press, makes the paparazzi chase her as much as they do.

If the public hated her, didn’t read the articles written about her and didn’t show up by the thousands at shows that she was to guest appear on, then they would continue on to the next big star.

If a celebrity is hot in the public’s eye, then they are hot in the media’s eye as well. If they can get so many stories just from one star, then they will milk that star for as much as they are worth.

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