Gossip Through Gossip

{March 30, 2008}   The one where marriage is not such a big deal


We all can’t have what the celebrities have or have the ability to do what they do, but there is some contemplations that they go through that we are able to understand. In this instance, the contemplation is about marriage. Just because they are in the media’s eye and have fans that look u to them, does that mean that they have to get married to the person they are with for a long time? If they don’t feel that it’s necessary, then they should do what they feel is best, even if it means that remain a couple without being married.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are the top of the list of celebrity couples that have choosen not to get married, and even though this doesn’t mean that they’ll never get married, it just means that for the time being they are happy they way they are.

Here’s a couple that have four children together (1 biologically and 3 adopted) and two more on the way, and even though there’s been rumors that they will get married, it seems as though they are happy without that status.

This reflects what is also going on in society in general. Some couples believe that their relationship is perfect the way it is and doesn’t think that a marriage will make it any stronger. Others are not getting married as a political stand because of all the controversy that is going on with the ability for homosexuals not being able to get married; they believe that if they are not allowed to get married then they won’t either.

What ever the reason is, both celebrities and everyday people prove that they don’t have to get married because it’s considered a normal thing to do in society. In the end, it’s their relationship and if they want to certify it then they should be able to, but if they choose not to, then, it is again, a choice for them to make.


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