Gossip Through Gossip

{March 29, 2008}   The one with all the nude pictures


Aren’t you ever worried that if you take some provocative pictures of yourself, that they’ll some how get exposed to the world? Well it certainly looks like some celebrities didn’t take that into consideration. They all claim that it was a mistake, and that they didn’t want them to be exposed so that everyone could see them, but this could just be another publicity stunt to get their names in the media.

Here’s some stars that were definitely exposed in the media:

1. Marcia Cross: The Desperate Housewives’ star stated that her husband took the pictures of her naked and that she threw them away in her trash, not expecting anyone to go through it and find them. That may be true, but if you have paparazzi constantly following you, wouldn’t you burn the photos instead of just throwing them away? You would think so.

2. Vanessa Hudgens: The High School Musical star, who is barely old enough for it not to be considered child pornography, claims that the photos were meant for her and her boyfriend, however, they were somehow leaked on the Internet. She was forced to apologize, merely for the fact that she has so many young fans, and even though she seems very embarassed by the situation, she is still constantly in the media and has even more movie roles than she had before.

3. Audrina Patridge: The Hills star stated that the photos, that are now surfacing, were taken when she finished high school and wanted to start a modeling career. She is playing the naive card and says that she trusted people not to expose them, but now that they are exposed, there is talk about her posing for Playboy. Is this a coincidence? Probably not.

What do these three stars all have in common? All their names are still heard in the media and these “scandals” didn’t effect their careers at all, if anything, it brought on new prospects. The truth is that if you are a celebrity, anything media-worthy that you have done, will be exposed, but, in this case, it turns out to have positive consequences.


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